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Hot Stone Massage in Tempe, AZ


At The Root of Wellness, our massage therapists are trained in multiple massage techniques, including hot stone massage. A hot stone massage can help you relax and unwind. Heated river stones are used throughout the massage session to warm the body's tissues and relax muscle tension. The combination of heat and pressure helps penetrate into deep muscle tissue. Highly recommend for clients who experience significant muscle tension, but prefer a lighter touch.


Hot Stone Massage Benefits Include:

  • Relief of Back Pain and Aches
  • Improved Circulation
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
  • Release of Stress, anxiety and tension
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Comforts Depression

It is advised to receive a hot stone massage on a regular basis to maximize the benefits. We want you to feel your best and maintain your body’s health.


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Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt has been exposed for millions of years to enormous pressure. This pressure was the cause of the formation of this Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt. The higher the compression, the more perfect the crystalline structure, with its inherent information and energy. These rock crystals have the most perfect geometric structure found. Himalayan Natural Crystal salt floats in transparent, whitish, pinkish, or reddish shiny veins in the salt mountain and crystallizes in areas where sufficient pressure was available to form this perfect crystalline structure.


The elements in sea salt are not integrated into the salt’s crystal grid but cling to the outside surface. This is the fundamental difference between sea salt and Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt. A salt crystal manifests a superior structure. Due to this sublime form, the elements are biochemically available for our cells as are the individual frequencies or vibration patterns. Sea salt is an inexpensive alternative to table salt and is at least a natural and wholesome product. Biochemically and biophysically, however, it is of little importance to our organism. We can only receive the resonant effects of the geometrical structure through the superior order or structure of a crystal and our cells can only absorb those elements that occur in an ional form. Only under considerable pressure can the elements be transformed into a specific size, making them ional, which enables them to pass through our cell wall.


A great percentage of sea salt today is processed. With the ocean becoming increasingly polluted, this salt is far from ideal. It is composed of irregular and isolated crystalline structures, disconnected from the natural elements surrounding them. Consequently, the vital minerals, however many it may contain, cannot be absorbed by the body unless the body expends tremendous energy to vitalize them. The net gain is small with an even greater loss of energy.


Research performed on the Himalayan salt shows that the balanced crystalline structure reveals fine branching with no shadows or rough edges. The crystal is not isolated from the inherent mineral elements (84) but is connected to them in a harmonious state. This tells us that the energy content, in the form of minerals, is balanced and can be easily metabolized by the body. This crystal is full of life. When taken internally or used externally, it will have a vital energetic effect on the body. The result is a net gain for the body and zero energy loss.


The result of the above research demonstrates how well-developed and vital the crystal of Himalayan Salt is. It actually has life-generating power for the body and for our nervous system.


Salt, for us, is foremost an information carrier and not a spice. For information to be absorbed into our cells, a crystalline structure is superior. Salt is responsible for enabling frequencies to transmit commands to the muscles and organs of our body. Even the simplest processes in our body need salt or its inherent elements in ionized form.


Salt is a core essential nutrient with exceptional abilities and qualities fundamental for keeping us alive. And we can find that we are lacking, the respective frequency pattern, as well as the necessary biochemicals, in himalayan crystal salt.


The Himalayas are the world’s most tranquil, serene, peaceful, and undeveloped region; therefore the salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas are still pure and untouched by pollution. Tremendous pressure and heat refine the structure of the salt crystals and makes them translucent. When mining salt in the Himalayas, the use of dynamite is strictly prohibited to preserve the structure of the crystals. Mining by hand is painstaking but essential. All Himalayan salt stone massage salt is hand-picked with care. Keeping the valuable crystal structure intact.

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