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What is Reiki?


A Typical Reiki Treatment:


The client consults with the practitioner to discuss the reasons for the visit and any concerns that should be brought to the attention of the practitioner. The client also receives an informational release form. Then the client is asked to lie down on a massage table and will remain fully clothed during the treatment. The practitioner will allow the life force of Reiki energy to flow through the hand chakras and into the client. The practitioner may have hands inches above the client, or with the consent of the client, hands may be placed directly on the body in a manner that is comfortable. The practitioner may also use crystals, guided visualization, dowsing, and other similar techniques to facilitate the balance of energy in the body and spirit. The flow of energy may feel like warmth, coolness, tingling, a slight pulling sensation, or nothing at all. The practitioner is simply a conduit for the energy. It is believed that the vital life energy is guided by God/Source/Spirit to serve the highest emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of the client.



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