The Root of Wellness - YOGA
The Root of Wellness - Mobile Massage, Chakra Reiki Healing, Yoga, and Spa Therapy

Yoga the art of stretching and breath control. Through a series of you can improve your flexibility and circulation combined with a meditative state of mind. Experience the amazing feeling you get this rigorous but gentle combination of exercise and meditation 

Yin-Massage combines the benefits of restorative yoga with hands-on massage and mindfulness for the ultimate self-care and relaxation experience. Includes hands-on massage from a licensed massage therapist, guided self-massage with the use of yoga massage balls, and hands-on adjustments, and reflexology – all while relaxing in restorative yoga poses.

*Wear comfortable clothing
90 MIN - $120.00

Group Discounts are available call for more information
Class size is limited to 5 students, so Riana can give attention to each student.
90 MIN - $50.00 per student

Private Yoga
Hatha yoga is a holistic approach that includes postures (asana), purification procedures (shatkirya), gestures (mudra), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. It is recognized as a stress-reducing practice.
60 MIN - $80.00
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