The Root of Wellness - Mobile Massage, Chakra Reiki Healing, Yoga, and Spa Therapy

Riana is not your typical massage therapist. She incorporates Mindfulness coaching with Massage and Yoga to help you find calm in the chaos both on and off the mat. She encourages you to honor and love yourself to create a practice of daily self-care. 

Together we create a wellness plan that allows you to become more present, grounded and find peace within your busy life.  If you are ready to dive in deeper by getting to the root cause of your pain and/or stress with The Root of It.

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What To Expect From Your Massage Treatment


If you are a first time client, we need to know more about you, so you need to complete our INTAKE FORM which will arrive in your e-mail.  It's a five minute process and it’s necessary for us to understand any medical issues.  Massage is very invasive and any physical malady may cause contraindications that could be detrimental to your health.  The Therapist will then review your information before we begin treatment.  This helps us determine how to fine tune your particular treatment.

As a first time client, we want you to experience all we have to offer, so you can pick as any of our enhancements as you want at 50% off on your first visit.  These are great treatments, like Hot Stones, Dynamic Cupping, CBD Treatments, Biofreeze, and more.  

After your intake and interview, you’re ready to RELAX. Please wear loose comfortable clothing (t-shirt, tank top, shorts, athletic paints).

When the Therapist returns, he or she is clear what type of treatment to deliver and how to modify it to meet your needs.  Throughout the treatment you will be asked about pressure etc. to make sure we are not too deep or too light.   Some pain is good with certain types of therapy but always let us know what you are feeling.    

After your treatment is complete, the therapist will meet you in the reception area and show you some after-treatment exercises or suggest using any products that you can use on your own.  Self treatment is a good way to maintain the benefits of our type of massage.  After each session, the Therapist will make notes in your intake record.  We use these to track your progress and also if you wish to contact your insurance carrier, we can supply them this information for reimbursement.

  • They will ask you if there are any areas where you would like them to focus
  • If there are areas you do not i.e. stomach, scalp or face, please let your massage therapist know
  • If this is a repeat massage visit, they will refer to notes taken during your last treatment
  • Upon their return, please let your massage therapist know if they are not applying enough pressure or if they are applying too much pressure in a particular area
  • If you choose Aromatherapy for your massage treatment, you will be offered a selection
  • Each massage therapist on staff has completed a 700+ hour massage therapy program
  • If you would rather your massage therapist spend time a certain area such as back and neck, they can tailor the treatment and only work your upper body
  • If you prefer a little bit of time spent everywhere, your massage therapist can give you a massage session that includes, face, scalp, neck, back, arms, legs, hands feet
  • Your therapist will let you know when the treatment is finished
  • After your massage treatment, we advise you to sit up slowly. You may experience slight light-headedness due to changes in circulation, heart rate blood pressure.
  • In addition to normal fluid intake, we encourage you to drink at least eight extra glasses of water over the next 48 hours.
  • Open the door when you have finished dressing. We will have some water for you to drink.
  • We will accept your payment and any gratuity and schedule your next appointment.

Intake form will arrive in your e-mail after your appointment has been booked. Click here to Book Online.

How Often Should I Come For A Massage?
In a perfect world, you should get a massage every week. However, if time does not allow, plan a massage once a month. If you are experiencing pain, for example; in your shoulder, lower back or hamstring, you may want to get a few until you gain better mobility in those areas. 

Your massage therapist will recommend when you should return for your next session. If you've received enough pain relief from several massage sessions and you feel you are functioning at your best, schedule your follow-up massage appointment next month. 

Let’s say you have chronic pain underneath your shoulder blade. You may need three over the course 10 days until the pain is under control. View massage as a maintenance tactic in managing your health and stress levels.

Top Ten Reasons to get a Massage
  • Massage can relax muscle tension
  • Massage reduces anxiety and stress
  • Massage can improve circulation
  • Massage helps release endorphins
  • Massage tension/migraine headaches
  • Massage can lower blood pressure
  • Massage can increase joint flexibility
  • Massage can improve posture
  • Massage can relieve pain and discomfort
  • Massage feels wonderful

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